A new brand, a new future
Just Dreamz has come into the world inspired by years of experience from the owners. Driven by passion for leather goods and the faith in own ability let our dream come true. A new brand, a new future, that’s what our young and dynamic company Triangle Accessories wants to realize.
As a Dutch importer and exporter of fashion bags and accessories. Just Dreamz stands for quality at an affordable price.
Just Dreamz is environmentally friendly, practically and for all kind of ages. Durable products based on the latest high quality materials, colours, fashion and trends.
B2B shop
Fashion bags and accessories, that’s our collection which is updated several times a year.
High quality

Just Dreamz is made of excellent quality and finished with luxury accessories.


Environmentally friendly and very durable by using high quality materials.


Just Dreamz is based on the latest materials, colours, fashion and trends.

All ages

If you are young or old, it doesn’t matter. You will succeed Just Dreamz!

Excellent combination
Many fashion bags and accessories are excellent to combine because of using the same materials and hardware.
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